APP09-09 WASHINGTON D.C. : April 09 – Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry addressing a co-hosted the Easter Celebrations Dinner organized by Embassy of Pakistan and ‘All Neighbors’, a Virginia-based community. APP

ISLAMABAD, April 9 (APP): The Embassy of Pakistan and ‘All Neighbours’, a Virginia-based community organization, co-hosted the Easter Celebrations Dinner in Washington D.C.
According to a message recieved here from Washington, Virginia State
Senator Richard Dick Black was the chief guest on the occasion.
Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry commended the Pakistani Christian
community for spreading the message of peace, love and hope, and playing the role of a bridge between their motherland and their homeland.
The Ambassador also highlighted the important role being played by
Christians in the national development of Pakistan. He conveyed warm sentiments and felicitations to the participants on the festive occasion
and added that the Embassy would keep its door open for such events in future.
Religious leaders from different churches offered prayers on the
occasion and expressed warms wishes of the Christian community for the people of Pakistan.
A group of young children presented a cultural performance at the event. Some participants narrated their positive impressions of the land and the people from their recent visits to Pakistan.
The event was attended by a large number of participants from the
tri-state area including faith leaders, families of Pakistani American Christian community, officials of various U.S. government departments and American public.