APP39-27 KATHMANDU: October 27 - A speaker delivering his speech during a talk programme/interaction on the topic "Resolution of Jammu and Kashmir Dispute: An Imperative for Regional Peace and Development" organized by Embassy of Pakistan. APP

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP):Embassy of Pakistan in Nepal Friday organized a talk on the topic of “Resolution of Jammu and Kashmir Dispute:
An Imperative for regional peace and development” to observe the Black Day of October 27.
According to a message received here, programme was attended by the wide segment of Napalese society
including intellectuals, think tanks, media persons and civil society.
October 27 is observed as Black Day by the Kashmiris to condemn the unlawful landing of Indian troops in
occupied and Jammu Kashmir on October 27 1947.
Since then, India is occupying the state of Jammu and Kashmir against the wishes of its people and in utter
violation of UN Security Councils Resolutions.
Kashmiris are facing grave human right violations as India is trying to silence their voices for the right of
self-determinations with use of excessive force and brutal means.
Speakers in their talk emphasized that resolution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes
of people of Kashmir is imperative for the regional peace and development.