Pak cricket team to donate Rs 3.2 million to PM dam fund


LAHORE, Sep 10 (APP):Pakistan cricket captain, Sarfraz Ahmad
said on Monday that his team will donate Rs 3.2 million to Prime
Minister’s Dam fund set up for the construction of Diamer-Bhasha,
Mohmand Dams.
“All the team member expressed their solidarity towards a noble
cause initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan for raising funds for
building new dams to address water issue in the country,” he told
mediamen here at National cricket academy.
He said Pak cricket squad taking part in the Asia Cup comprises
16 players and each player will donate Rs 200,000 and an amount of
Rs 3.2 million will be donated.
“We are confident that Prime Minister, Imran Khan will be able
to build these dams to overcome water crisis which will be looming
at our country in years to come,” said the home captain.
He said it was a heartening sign that people are taking keen
interest in donating money in PM dame fund and everyone is doing
that in the love of their country and to ensure a better tomorrow
of Pakistan.
“We are confident that Allah Almighty will give success to
our Prime Minister in this noble cause and required amount will
be gathered to undertake the project of dams,” said Sarfraz.
Pak cricket captain said construction of new dams to have
adequate reservoir of water aims at securing the future of
coming generations of Pakistan.