Pak-China relations beyond the realm of diplomatic ties: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, April 11 (APP): Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb while launching a ‘Film Club’ with Chinese film show “Postman in the Mountains” under the auspices of Pakistan National Council of Arts here Tuesday, said that the relations between Pakistan and China were beyond the realm of normal diplomatic ties and no diplomatic phrase could describe them in their true perspective.
She said it was an unbreakable and eternal connect between the
two peoples steeped in love and indescribable emotions of affinity.
She said that her four generations have witnessed the growth
of relations between the two peoples, which presently have touched
dizzying heights, making all the phrases like deeper than sea,
higher than Himalayas and stronger than steel most redundant and we
might have to find or coin a new terminology to describe them.
She said that films were a very strong medium that could help
in strengthening and reinforcing cultural ties between the two
countries and give a new dimension to them.
Marriyum revealed that the Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting was in the process of formulating the first ever policy
for film and broadcasting production aimed at reviving the almost
extinct film industry in the country.
The minister said that since Chinese had a very developed film
industry, Pakistan could learn a lot from their experience and might
even go for joint production for the audience of both the countries
as well as the international viewers.
The minister said that film and broadcasting production was
not only about entertainment.
She said that they were very powerful tools for community
outreach and global connectivity and also had the ability to provide
and promote multiple perspectives on historical events, social mores
and norms, unleashing the process of transformational change that
discouraged the emergence of fissiparous and divisive tendencies in
a society as well as the development of national narratives on the
challenges confronted by the country.
The films by encouraging creativity can also help in
harmonizing the cultural values with the new regional and global
cultural trends to avoid confrontational scenarios, she added.
Marriyum said that the need for more focus on the cultural
industries like film and broadcasting production and integrating
their creative potential into the public policies could also nudge
the development process of the country.
She said that nations had won wars through this medium
and Pakistan needed them most at this particular juncture of its
history when it was confronted with the scourge of terrorism.
The films and broadcasting products can be effectively used
to develop a national narrative against terrorism besides promoting
cultural integration within the country and apprising the younger
generation about their cultural heritage, she added.