President Mamnoon Hussain addressing the Prize Distribution Ceremony and Bara Khana hosted for the officers and personnel of Pakistan Armed Forces who participated in the Pakistan Day Parade in Islamabad on March 25, 2017.

ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain
Saturday said the Armed Forces of Pakistan with their
professional capabilities and devotion are defending the
country on all fronts and have made the country’s defence
The President was addressing at an award giving ceremony
and the ‘Bara Khana’ (grand luncheon) of the armed forces
arranged here in connection with the Pakistan Day Parade. A
large number of high officials of the armed forces and jawans
were present on the occasion, said a press release.
The President felicitated the armed forces on successful
holding of the Pakistan Day parade and said the joint parade
was a undeniable proof about the exemplary discipline and
excellent capabilities of the armed forces of Pakistan.
The nation feel pride over the professional aptitude of
the armed forces as they were the symbols of defence,
integrity and pride of the motherland, he added.
He observed that March 23rd parade which had reflected
verve, also strengthened nation’s enthusiasm and established
awe and glory in the hearts of its enemies.
It also re-established nation’s confidence that the
armed forces of the country with their thorough professionalism
were fully capable of defending the country at every moment, he
The President also expressed his pleasure over the
participation of troops from China and Saudi Arabia and the
Turkish band and said it multiplied the joys of Pakistan Day
He said their participation displayed everlasting
friendship ties among Pakistan and these countries and
expressed his gratitude over their participation.
The President said the parade also rekindled the same
fervour which our elders had showed during the Pakistan
The parade also helped in promoting Pakistan’s image at
the international level, he said and told the gathering that
the height of your professionalism, glistening of the medals
and equipments had also struck awe in the eyes of enemies.
The President advised the troops to keep alive the same
fervour for the greatness of Pakistan.
He said the armed forces of Pakistan had always defended
and served the nation and country in every critical moment
which was unprecedented.
The nation wanted the esteem institute to gain further
strength with each passing day by equipping itself with the
modern patterns and techniques, so that no enemy could cast an
evil eye on the motherland, he added.
The President assured that the Government would leave no
stone unturned to equip the armed forces of Pakistan with the
latest hardware and equipments because a strong defence
prowess and preparedness could defend us against the threats
in view of terrorism, internal and external challenges and in
the regional context.
The President also paid tribute to the sacrifices of
officers and personnel of armed forces for successfully
destroying the network of terrorists by laying down their
He reiterated that the operation Radd-ul-Fasaad was the
manifestation of the national resolve and it would continue
till elimination of the last terrorist.
The Quaid-e-Azam had given a slogan of faith, discipline
and unity and the armed forces would continue serving the
nation under the same guiding principle, he added.
He noted that a powerful, stronger and democratic
Pakistan would overcome all its issues.
President, on the occasion, gave away prizes among the
officers and jawans for showing best performance besides,
various departments of the civilian administration and the
craftsmen of the cultural floats.
Officers of Chinese and Saudi troops were also awarded
shields. The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan received the
shield on behalf of the troops.
Director General Logistics Major General Muhammad Jaffar
also addressed the ceremony.