Pak-Afghan improved relations provide China favourable surrounding: Special Envoy


BEIJING, June 26 (APP): Chinese Special Envoy for Afghanistan Affairs,

Dengxijun said on Monday that good friendly relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and peace and stability in the region were in the best interest of China.
“As Pakistan and China are neighbors and important participants of the
Belt and Road Initiative, China will actually suffer if there was no peace and stability in these two countries,” he said while talking to a select gathering of media here.
He said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was main pillar
of Belt and Road Initiative and fate changing project for Pakistan while Afghanistan had signed a memorandum of understanding to join the Belt and Road Initiative.
Therefore, improved relations would bring peace and stability to
both Pakistan and Afghanistan providing China a favourable surrounding,
he added.
The Special Envoy said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was elected by Afghan people. “We support Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process and stand ready to continue to play a
constructive role in advancing this process,” he added.
Appreciating Pakistan and Afghan governments for their
counter-terrorism efforts, he said both the countries had assured that
enemy of China posing it a direct threat would be considered enemy of
both the respective countries.
On the shuttle diplomacy of Chinese foreign minister who visited
Kabul and Islamabad, he said Wang Yi mainly focused to improve
bilateral relations and help bridge differences between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
To a question on mediation, he said the Chinese foreign policy was
very clear. “We do not interfere in internal affairs and impose our own
will on other countries unless friends are in difficult situation and
ask us to help resolve it.”
He, however, said,”With joint efforts, we can see positive signals
by Pakistan and Afghanistan as the two countries are willing to improve relations with each other, strengthen political and mutual trust and
enhance cooperation in various fields including the counter terrorism.”
To a question about the Russian role to help resolve the Afghan
issue, he said China always regarded Russia an important party to the
Afghan issue. “We will like to see a positive and active role by
China, he said, supported the Afghan government taking lead role in
the Afghan peace and reconciliation process and also supported all international efforts for promotion of peace and reconciliation talks.
He said China regarded the United States as the most important
party to the peace and reconciliation process, which, he hoped, could
play a more positive role.
To yet another question, he said, any kind of security arrangement between the Afghan government and the US should show respect to
sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.