Overseas Pakistanis see politics of agitation as threat to economic gains

Overseas Pakistanis see politics of agitation as threat to economic gains

WASHINGTON, Nov 1 (APP): Pakistani Americans have expressed their
deep concern over the situation in their motherland caused by the recent political protests in Islamabad, saying it was sending a wrong message to foreign investors about Pakistan and contributing to deflect world attention from India’s aggressive posture against the motherland.

At recent social gatherings in Washington and in the nearby states of
Virginia and Maryland, the ongoing agitation by Tehreek-e-Insaaf party has been a major focus of discussion as patriotic Pakistanis are perturbed over the state of affairs in their homeland.

After hearing goods news about the country’s economic situation, many  people are contesting the rational of such protests at a time when foreign investors are preparing and exploring means to invest in Pakistan.

They are also questioning about the timing of such protests when the
country is facing grave threats of aggression from India and the Pakistan government is trying to thwart Indian attempts to deflect world attention from the atrocities it is committing in the Indian held Kashmir.

“Why are we agitating when things are improving and the world is taking  note of it,” said Tariq Shafi, a CPA (certified accountant) when asked to comment on the ongoing PTI protests. He said all major donors are praising Pakistan for improving the economy and reducing the threat of terrorism.

“Instead of taking advantage, we are again trying to show that things
are not good in the country.”

The World Bank has included Pakistan in the list of top 10 nations which  have improved business environment for small and medium businesses.

The Managing Director of the IMF was full of praise for Pakistan during
her first-ever visit to the country.

“These are very positive developments. It shows that the international
donors are now showing confidence in our country’s economic potential. But what good will it do if potential investors keep on watching protest and violence on their TV channels,” asked Hamid Malik, President Pakistan Link, USA.

Many Pakistani Americans and even their American friends have expressed  their surprise over the use of protests and street politics when independent judicial means are available to redresses grievances of all nature. “It doesn’t happen in a civilized country. We can protest and convey our grievances in a more civilized manner than resorting to agitational politics,” Malik said.

“We are sending precious foreign exchange in billions of dollars to help
our country and see it stand in the comity of nations as a respectable member. But such politics is nullifying all our efforts. We deeply regret this,” said Shafi.

Pakistani Americans have demanded that politics of agitation should end
immediately and the country should be allowed to take advantage of positive indicators, both on economic as well as on terrorism front, to improve the lot of the poor.

“These protest rallies have also caused considerable damage to all our
efforts to bring the world focus on threats we face from India and repression Kashmiri people face,” Sardar Zubair Khan, President AJK Muslim Conference, USA, said adding that instead of India, the world media is now talking about political problems in Pakistan. “People who are responsible for this are doing a great disservice to our country.”