Overflowing garbage dumpsters posing health threats



ISLAMABAD, Jul 20 (APP):Improper garbage collection from waste-bins, installed at different places , is gradually becoming an environmental threat, eventually creating health hazards for residents of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
These over-stuffed dumpsters, with pouring out rubbish and garbage, are somehow becoming breeding grounds for diseases which calls for immediate measures to rectify the situation.
Talking to APP, Director Sanitation of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad Sardar Khan Zimri said that the Corporation was taking different measures to keep the city clean by fully utilizing resources at its disposal.
He said the administration was also planning to outsource trash-picking to a private company for further streamlining the cleaning process.
Additionally, the Corporation was working out different options to recycle the garbage and utilize it for a constructive purpose like energy generation and making organic fertilizers.
The Director informed that the MCI was in the process of consultation with different entities, for the waste disposal without impacting the environment and general health.
The outsourcing scheme was already operational in F./Sector series as pilot project that had given positive results, he added.
Zimri regretted that the same project was put on hold due to paucity of funds a year ago and hoped ” it will not face any hurdle this time on account of power transition between MCI and CDA.”
Responding to a question he said, “We avoid to put these boxes before school, worshiping places and homes.”
“We prefer to place them on street corners and collect 50 per cent garbage on daily basis besides disposing off the remaining as per set procedure.”
Muhammad Tufail, a retired employee in I-9/4 sector called for placing at least two waste-containers around each street to ensure relief to the residents.
Azam Baloch from G-6 said he has been perturbed by the dumpster, placed in front of his home. “These waste-bins must be placed out of residential areas as these eventually affect health of a locality”, he added.
Spokesperson of Poly-Clinic Islamabad Dr Sharif Astori termed it a bad example of sanitation rules which affects human health. It also affects animals, digging out rubbish, which spreads bacterias and viruses in a locality, he added.
“This uncovered garbage makes the public prone to the seasonal diseases including diarrhea, gastro and especially skin problems,” he
He also called for refraining gypsies from sorting out garbage, besides applying insecticide or lime-powder on these over-stuffed dumpster.