Over 500 civilians killed in Iraq violence in March: UN


UNITED NATIONS, Apr 2 (APP): Terrorist acts, violence and
armed conflicts across Iraq killed 543 civilians and wounded
561 others in March, the United Nations Assistance Mission for
Iraq (UNAMI) has said.
A UNAMI statement said the figures of casualties do not
include security members, as the Iraqi military declined to
give information about casualties among the troops.
Ninewa was the most affected Governorate, with 541
casualties (367 killed, 174 injured). Baghdad Governorate
followed 84 killed and 246 injured, and Salah al-Din had 38 killed
and 69 injured.
According to information obtained by UNAMI from the Health
Directorate in Anbar, the Governorate suffered a total of 90
civilian casualties (32 killed and 58 injured). Figures were
updated until 29 March, inclusive.
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG)
for Iraq, Jan Kubis, condemned continued deliberate targeting
of civilians by the Daesh terrorists and praised the Government
of Iraq’s efforts to protect civilians during the fighting in
“The terrorists have used every possible wicked way to
inflict casualties on civilians. Two car bombs killed or
wounded many in the Baghdad area last month. In western
Mosul, Daesh terrorists have forcibly transferred civilians,
holding them as human shields as they retreated or at
strategic locations in densely populated areas. In cases,
Daesh has placed civilians in booby-trapped buildings that
its terrorists used to launch attacks on government forces,
shot at civilians attempting to flee to Iraqi security
lines or deliberately shelled civilian areas,” Kubis
The SRSG said Iraqi Security Forces have spared no effort
to protect civilians.
“I welcome the commitment of the Government of Iraq to
the protection of civilians in the conduct of military
operations and their reiteration that the protection of
their citizens is an absolute priority,” Kubis said.