Over 380,000 Afghan Refugees return from Pakistan in 2016 : UNHCR


ISLAMABAD, Apr 3 (APP): Over 380,000 Afghans Refugees returned
from Pakistan in 2016 and other registered refugees will be sent back to their country in April and May this year.
The repatriation and reintegration grant for registered Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan this year has been halved to $200.
Previously, every registered refugee used to get $400 under the UNHCR’s repatriation programme, said an official of UNHCR while talking to APP.
Around 16,000 refugees had registered themselves for repatriation with the UNHCR in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
Currently, Pakistan hosts 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees, according to UNHCR data. Nearly a million unregistered refugees also live in Pakistan.