Pakistan’s protest over ceasefire violations on WB, LoC by Indian forces

ISLAMABAD, Sep 8 (APP): India is financing terrorism in
Pakistan and open evidences are available on its involvement
in subversive activities, Foreign Office said on Thursday.

Spokesman Nafees Zakaria, commenting on the recent
statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as saying
that “one single nation” was spreading terrorism in South
Asia, said “India was in fact that single nation”.

In an obvious reference to Islamabad, Narendra Modi
at the G20 forum had said that “one single nation in South Asia is spreading agents of terror in countries of our region.”

The Spokesman at a weekly press briefing here said
the confessional statement made by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW’s officer Kalbhushan Yadav had made it clear that which country was in fact spreading terrorism.

When asked if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will raise the
issue of Kalbhushan Yadav at the upcoming UN General Assembly session, the Spokesman said “the issue of Indian involvement would definitely be highlighted”.

“The issue will be raised because of its direct links
with incidents of terrorism in Pakistan,” he said.

The Foreign Office Spokesman said 62 days of continued
atrocities by Indian security forces in Occupied Kashmir was a “matter of deep concern” for Pakistan.

He mentioned that 90 innocent civilians had been
martyred so far along with 700 injured by shots of pellet guns.

He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s objective of sending his 22 special envoys abroad was to highlight India’s unjustified occupation of Kashmir and the ongoing brutalities in the valley.

When asked about the prospects of envoys convincing the
countries already under Indian influence, he expressed the confidence that getting the message across through parliamentarians would prove “very effective”.

The Spokesman dismissed the Indian claims that UN
Security Council’s Resolutions had become ineffective after
the 1972 Simla Agreement between Pakistan and India, saying that “in no way the Simla Agreement overrules the UNSC Resolutions”.

On Pakistan’s alleged linkage with North Korea on nuclear proliferation, he said such reports originated from Asian News International, which was based in India.

He termed these reports as “clearly politically motivated” and said it would be illogical and irrational for Pakistan to carry out such clandestine operations and risk its repute in international community.

When drawn attention towards the United States asking
Pakistan to “do more” against terrorists, he said in addition
to such demands, there also had been repeated acknowledgment by U.S. about Pakistan’s counter terrorism efforts.

He mentioned in this regard statement by U.S. State
Secretary John Kerry who said that Pakistan had achieved
significant success in counter terrorism, and a similar acknowledgment by Senator John McCain after his visit to North Waziristan.

The Spokesman agreed to a report by Director of Peace Research Institute of Oslo that suggested Pakistan
and Afghanistan to cooperate with each other as neighbours

and remove mistrust to achieve common goals of peace.
He said Pakistan believed in constant engagement with
Afghanistan to ensure peace through an Afghan led and
Afghan owned process.