Only education bring positive change in the society: Razina Alam

– Chairperson National Commission on Human Development (NCHD) Senator Rozina Alam Khan

ISLAMABAD, July 24 (APP): Education is the only weapon
which may change minds enabling us to think positively as it is
the utmost requirement to deal with the evils of communities of
Poverty, unemployment, social injustice in a society, gender
discrimination and disparities are major challenges of the society
which should be fought through adopting a joint strategy from pubic
and private institutions.
Chairperson National Commission of Human Development (NCHD),
former Senator Razina Alam Khan made these remarks here on Monday
during Senior Management Meeting (SMM) at its head office Islamabad.
She stated that have successfully piloted `Adult Literacy
Centers Jail Project’ in Sargodha and it remained very fruitful.
Report of the project has been shared with President of Pakistan,
Mamnoon Hussain who had appreciated the efforts of NCHD, said a
news release.
“We are going to expand this project to all the jails of
Pakistan with an aim to make the convicts useful citizens by
imparting literacy along with vocational skill to prisoners to earn
livelihood and respect in the family and society, she viewed”, she
These Adult Literacy Centers will act as a rehabilitation
centers for making the convicts a useful entity of the society by
changing their attitudes through education and psychotherapy, she
Our special focus is women and children, in this context, she
Besides its regular programs NCHD managed to have different
literacy and skill related projects through public-private
partnerships in collaboration with donors and provincial
governments, she added.
These projects dealt with issues such as elimination of
poverty, access to education, establishment of formal and non formal
basic education institutions, mainstreaming of madrassas, setting up
of IT Centers, data collection activities and setting up of Skill
Development Centers, she further added.
She said, NCHD through its Adult Literacy Programme had
imparted literacy skills to 3.84 million illiterates in the country
and 320,000 children are acquiring education in 5,949 Feeder
The number of out of school children had recently declined to
22.6 million from 24 million, during the PML-N government, because
of its massive efforts in the field, but they have to achieve the
target of vision 2025 i.e. 90 percent literacy rate and 100 percent
enrollment, she stressed.
“Accelerated Learning Courses with condensed syllabi are the
most beneficial ingredients for 22.6 million Out Of School Children
(OOSC) and 57 million illiterates; which is a challenging factor for
all the stakeholders involved in education, she viewed.
NCHD National Training Institute (NTI) is designing
Accelerated Learning Modules that would provide OOSC a second
chance/ opportunity to take part in educational activities, the NTI
will enhance the capacity of its managers as well in a short time,
she maintained.
We have launched a massive campaign for the enrollment of
those OOSCs and had enrolled 45,800 children to feeder schools in
this year, she observed.
“In past Pakistan was unable to achieve the Education for All
agenda by 2015, but today we all have to act for the cause of
education as it is our religious, social and national
responsibility”, she observed.