One who waited for umpire’s finger could not understand value of law and Constitution: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD Oct 2 (APP): Minister of State for
Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum
Aurangzeb responding to Imran Khan’s rhetoric at a press
conference about respect for law and constitution and criticism of the PML(N) government Monday said that how could a person who waited for umpire’s finger understand the value of law and the constitution?
She said that Imran Khan who attacked the parliament had no concern with legislation, electoral reforms and the supremacy of law and the constitution.
The minister said that even today she felt concerned about
the mental state of Imran Khan adding that he should be ashamed of himself for abusing the state institutions and making them controversial. Marriyum said that before talking
about accountability of others he should first present himself
before the law because only the liars shied away from facing the courts.
The minister said that Imran Khan was simply not comparable with Nawaz Sharif, who was appearing before the law in spite of false allegations. She said that the reason why Imran was trying to do so was to raise his political stature which would always remain an elusive dream for him.
The minister said that Nawaz Sharif always talked
about progress, prosperity, peace and security of Pakistan while praying for Imran’s reformation whereas Imran Khan had lied with the nation, tried to obstruct development, sided with the enemies of the country, denigrated and abused the state institutions and attacked the parliament house.
She said that Muhammad Nawaz Shairf had presented the
account of his three generations spanning over thirty years and Imran Khan should only account for what he had been doing during the last three to five years.
Marriyum said that Imran must answer the questions who
accepted funds for the party from Hindus and Jews? Who gambled for raising party funds? And from which betting proceeds he bought the property at Bani Gala? The minister observed that Imran himself had confessed his crime and now he should wait for the punishment from the court of law as well as the court of the people.
She said that with a view to conceal the corruption of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government Imran had locked the Accountability Commission.
The minister reiterated that Imran was an agent of the
enemies of the country and the people had seen his true face and the people of KP would take revenge from him for what he has done to them during the last four years.
The minister asked Imran Khan when would he apologize from the people of Pakistan, ask for forgiveness from Allah and feel ashamed over his actions?
She congratulated Imran Khan over the passage of Electoral
Reforms Bill by the Parliament but regretted the fact that he
remained busy to indulge in his disruptive pursuits. Everybody got his due, she concluded.