Ombudsman resolved 170,546 cases against electric companies in three years

Ombudsman resolved 170,546 cases against electric companies in three years

ISLAMABAD, Dec 27 (APP): The Federal Ombudsman has resolved
170,546 complaints during the last three years against the Electric
Companies in Pakistan.
Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmad Khokhar, Sr. Adviser Law/ Registrar,
Federal Ombudsman has said that out of these complaints, majority
were decided in favour of the citizens and in minimum number of
complaints were rejected and decided in favour of these electricity
distribution companies.
He said that most of the complaints were based on
maladministration in over billing and giving new connections.
Khokhar added that only 0.78% complaints were gone in appeals
out of which 0.02% cases were remanded by the President.
He said that the Ombudsman of Pakistan has decided most of the
complaints in 45 days and also tried to provide justice to the
people at their door steps.
He said that the complaints against LESCO 57153, FESC 7627,
GEPCO 4998, HESCO 4334, IESCO 4145, MEPCO 15,807, pESCO 28463 and against K-ELECTRIC 24,820 were registered and resolved.
Hafiz Ahsaan Ahmed further added now the Ombudsman secretariat
has introduced an instant complaints mechanism under which the
complaints officers have been designated by the Ombudsman of
Pakistan in all federal government departments and now the citizens
may register their complaint to their own complaints officer.
If they fail to resolve their issue within 15 days, then the
complaint would also approach to the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat for
redressal of their grievances.