Olympic games to be held in August

Olympics: Groundbreaking Games for women in Rio

LAHORE, June 1 (APP): The World Health Organisation (WHO) has informed that the Rio Olympic Games will be held in August.

“Following the recent media reports on the Zika virus and the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the (WHO) has informed the Pakistan Olympic Association as well as All NOCs that there is no health reason to postpone or cancel the Games,” said Secretary, POA, Muhammad Khalid Mahmood here on Wednesday.

He said the guidelines issued by WHO state: “There is no public health justification for postponing or cancelling the games. WHO will continue to monitor the situation and update their advice as necessary.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), based on WHO advice, relevant to the Olympic Games Rio 2016 has assured to help in preparation for travel to Brazil.

This provides general health advice including recommended vaccinations, and more specific advice on mosquito-borne diseases including Zika based on the WHO guidance.

“It is very important that every member of the Olympic Contingent and those desirous to travel to Brazil are aware of this advice,” he added.