OIC underscores IINA’s constructive role to serve Muslim world


ISLAMABAD, Feb 2 (APP): Secretary General of the Organization
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr Yousef Bin Ahmad Al Othaimeen has
underscored the importance of constructive role of International Islamic News Agency (IINA), to serve the Muslim world and its issues.
He said this in a meeting with Director General IINA
Issa Khaireh Robleh and his accompanying delegation at OIC
headquarters Jeddah, a statement received here on Thursday said.
Al Othaimeen highlighted importance of the members states
support for the agency and payment of their contributions to perform the message entrusted in it and continue its efforts in serving the joint Islamic action.
He also reiterated the OIC’s support for IINA to carry out its
tasks in the fullest manner.
The secretary general urged the Agency to strengthen its
presence in the capital of the Islamic world and confirm its ability of effective communication and making use of the media technologies as well as the establishment of partnership with regional agencies and unions.
On this occasion, Director General IINA Robleh presented a
report to the OIC chief on the agency’s different activities and the stages of ongoing improvement plan, including the recently completed IINA media training center project, which would be training platform for the benefit of journalists in the Islamic world.