OGRA directs LPG marketing companies to ensure safety standards


ISLAMABAD, Feb 14 (APP): Expressing concern over increased number of LPG cylinder blasts, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Tuesday directed LPG marketing companies to ensure compliance of safety instructions at distribution points and create awareness among distributors about careful handling of the cylinders aimed at avoiding untoward incidents.
The authority advised the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) marketing companies to ensure that their respective distributors themselves thoroughly check the cylinders with respect to any physical damage or leakage prior to handing over to consumers, a press release said.
OGRA also asked the companies to instruct the distributors for educating every customer about safety measures by displaying posters at their distribution points.
In addition, the LPG companies have also been advised to continue the awareness campaign in an effective manner for the general public on the safe use of LPG through media especially during the winter season.
The authority said decanting of LPG from one cylinder to another cylinder was an illegal and ‘highly dangerous’ activity, warning that stern action would be taken against those found involved in it.
About some of safety measures, OGRA said it should be ensured that LPG cylinder and relief valves should not be damaged and must be painted properly, adding the cylinders should be stored in well vented areas, away from ignition sources.