OGDCL added 1,337,395 bbl oil, 9,348 mmcf gas in production gathering system


ISLAMABAD, July 10 (APP): The Oil and Gas Development Company
Limited (OGDCL) has injected around 18 new wells in its production
gathering system during the last financial year, adding approximately
1,337,395 barrels crude oil and 9,348 million cubic feet gas in its pool.
The wells including Qadirpur HRL-II, Kunnar-II, Rajian-9, Nashpa-6 &
7, Unnar-1, Thora Deep- 1 & 2, Pasakhi West Deep-I, Pasakhi East-I, TAY-2, 3 & 4, Dars-I, Dars Deep-I, Dars West-1, 6 Shah-I and Qadirpur-56 have been injected in the existing production gathering system, official sources told APP.
While, production testing has been completed at wells including
Khamiso-I, Qadirpur-57, Sur Qammar-I, Dachrapur-3 and Chutto-I, they added.
During the period, the sources said, the company also carried out
successful workover jobs with rig at wells including Palli Deep-1, Rajian-2, Kunnar-8 & 10, Pasakhi-5, Pasakhi Deep-6 and Sono-8 to arrest natural decline and revive production from mature wells.
As part of preventive maintenance plan, they informed that
Annual Turn Around (ATA) of plants were carried out at Sinjhoro, Chanda, Nashpa, Bobi, Uch and Dakhni/Soghri fields. Due to which, the company witnessed an increase of nine percent in its average daily net crude oil production compared to the preceding period.
Besides, it completed pressure build-up survey jobs at various wells
of Uch, Bobi, Nashpa, Pasakhi, Sinjhoro and TAY fields to induce
improvement in the current well flow parameters.
Answering a question, they said OGDCL drilled 13 news wells and
made four discoveries namely Gundanwari-I, Mithri-I, Khamiso-I and
Chutto-I during the current financial year so far. The new finds have daily production potential of 37 million cubic feet (mmcf) of gas and 300 barrels (bbl) of oil.
Moreover, they said, in line with its production enhancement strategy,
the company focussed on completion of ongoing development projects and utilization of latest production techniques to augment oil and gas production from its own and joint venture fields.
As a result, the sources said, the OGDCL achieved its highest ever
gross crude oil production of 50,354 bbl per day.
The company’s average daily net saleable production of crude oil is
around 43,989 bbl, natural gas 1,051 mmcf, Liquefied Petroleum Gas 411 tons and sulphur 39 tons.