No room to become PM through backdoors: Danyal

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (APP):Some persons dreaming to become Prime Minister but now there is no room to achieve such dream through backdoors, Member of the National Assembly of PML (N) Danyal Aziz said this on Monday while talking media persons out side of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Speaking aobut the Imran Khan’s claim to block Islamabad on October 30, he termed it “a mere farce.”

He said they would fight against Imran Khan at all forums including National Assembly and courts.

Criticising the political decisions of Imran Khan he said that basically “Imran Khan is habitual of taking U turns”.

Imran Khan will also flee from the Election Commission of Pakistan, he claimed.

He said PML-N was ready to submit proves in the court of
law. Imran Khan has been exposed as he was befooling the people for the last two years.

Imran Khan was miserably failed to deliver in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He staged a drama of activating anti corruption institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. An anti corruption staff member of KP was dismissed from service on detecting health department fraud of NGO owned by Jehangir Khan Tareen, Danyal Aziz informed.

Imran Khan announced to instal 300 hydel power projects of
2400MW in KPK, uniform education system, governing hospitals through board of director system and police reforms but nothing was done these remained only claimes.

He said Imran Khan had badly failed to prove his charges against Najam Sethi despite receiving 46 notices from relevant courts. Later, Imran had himself admitted in a TV show that accusing Najam Sethi of 35 punctures was mere a political statement.

Imran Khan had fled from National Assembly instead of questioning the PM when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif graced the assembly to answering allegations against him and his family.

Meanwhile, Akbar S Baber told media persons that PTI was using delaying tactics in his funds embezzlement case. Aleem Khan was also owner of offshore companies, he mentioned.