No room for terrorism, extremism in Pakistan: CM Punjab

LAHORE, Mar 12 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday said that in the Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan, there was no room for terrorism and extremism.
He expressed these remarks while talking to a students’ delegation from Harvard University, a renowned American educational institution here.
Talking to delegation, the Chief Minister said the civil and military leadership were on same page in the fight against terrorism.
Pakistan had rendered significant sacrifices in battling terrorism, he added.
Terrorists have no religion as they are killers of humanity, he said and added, “We will leave no stone unturned to eliminate terrorism from the country”.
“Democracy is to serve people. Democracy is the second name of transparency and accountability. Our government has adopted a zero tolerance against corruption and our work and initiatives are ample proof of our government’s transparency”, he said.
The Chief Minister said the Punjab government was the most transparent government of Pakistan and the international institutions had accepted it as well.
“We never tolerated any kind of favoritism, red-tapism and corruption”, he said.
The PML-N government has made transparency its chief characteristic,
he claimed.
“Our priorities are clear and in the right direction. I am the servant of people of this province and to serve them is my mission”, the CM said.
The Chief Minister said that more funds had been allocated for the progress and development of South Punjab divisions in proportion to the population.
Provision of 100 billion interest-free loans program for small agriculturists is also for the progress, development and strengthening of rural areas and their economy.
In Lahore, the work on Punjab Safe City Project is going on fast and besides this the Safe City Project will also be introduced in other 6 big cities of the province.
The enrollment of students in government schools has increased to
90 per cent.
Within 8 years, 2 lac 20 thousand teachers have been appointed on merit basis.
The Chief Minister said that unfortunately there had been political appointments in the past but the incumbent government has totally banned political appointments.
In the present year, 80 thousand more teachers will be
appointed on merit basis in which 50 per cent will be female
teachers. Child labour has been eliminated from brick kilns
and 83 thousand children have been released from child labour
and enrolled in schools. The Punjab government is also
providing monthly stipends, uniforms, shoes and books to these
children whereas the parents are also given one time stipend.
The Chief Minister said that in South Punjab divisions,
from Rs 200 stipend has been increased to Rs 1000 for the students from 6th to 10th class and from this program 4 lac 80 thousand students are getting benefit and Rs 6 billion are being spent on this. Daanish schools have been established in South Punjab and other backward regions.
Shehbaz Sharif said that Pakistan came into existence
after making many sacrifices under the leadership of Quaid-e-
Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the constitution of Pakistan
gives equal rights to all citizens irrespective of their color
or race. Pakistan was achieved so that citizens living in
Pakistan might have equal opportunities. The Chief Minister
said that unfortunately in the 1980s, Pakistan was made a
front line state in the so called war due to which terrorism
and extremism took birth in the country but now the civil and
military leadership is fighting with strength and vigor
against the terrorists and other non-state actors. In order to
bring back the real recognition of Pakistan, we have to spread
religious tolerance, brotherhood and unity.
The Chief Minister said that government is leaving no
stone unturned to eliminate poverty and unemployment in the
country. The Chief Minister said that half of Pakistan’s
population comprises of women and women have to prove their
capabilities in practical fields because without women
participating in the practical field Pakistan cannot progress
and develop and for this the Punjab government has started an
interest free loans program for women.
The Chief Minister said that from this program up till
now 15 lac women have been given interest free loans and in
the upcoming budget more funds will be given to interest free
loan programs. The Chief Minister said that women from rural
areas of Pakistan are very hard working as they work side by
side with men in farms and fields. The Chief Minister said
that Punjab government has taken revolutionary steps for the
promotion of education and because of these initiatives
enrollment of students in schools have increased to 90 per
The Chief Minister said that 25 lac students got
admission in schools due to Voucher Scheme of Punjab Education
Foundation. Daanish schools have been established in South
Punjab and other backward divisions. In Daanish schools,
quality education is given to students from underprivileged
families. The Chief Minister said that additional classrooms
are being constructed in schools at the cost of billions of
rupees. Twenty thousand schools have been shifted on solar
system and this program is being started from South Punjab.
Likewise, Information Technology labs have been set up in 5
thousand high schools of Punjab and laptops have been
distributed among the students on merit basis at the cost of
billion of rupees. The Chief Minister said that resources are
being provided in order to empower youth.
The Punjab government is following equal development
policy for rural and urban areas of the province. The Punjab
government has provided billions of rupees funds for the
progress and development of South Punjab divisions and other
far flung areas. The Metro Bus Service has been started in
The Chief Minister said that the vision and policies
of government are for the benefit of people and our every step
is for the welfare and prosperity of masses. Pakistan is a
beautiful country and in order to recognize Pakistan at the
global level, Pakistan has to be economically independent.
Pakistan is moving in the right direction and INSHAALLAH
Pakistan will soon become a great country. We will return
Pakistan its lost status.
He asked the students from Harvard University to
visit Pakistan every year.
The delegation was led by MD PACRA Qazi Adnan Afaq.
Provincial higher education minister Syed Ali Raza Gillani,
Members Assembly Makhdoom Hashim, Bushra Butt, MD Punjab Mass
Transit Authority, Additional Chief Secretary Interior, Chairman
Planning & Development, secretaries from concerning departments
and other high authorities were also present on the occasion.