No hindrance in investigation by PML-N: Dar

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ISLAMABAD June 14 (APP): Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Wednesday
categorically said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was not creating any hindrance in proceedings of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).
Clarifying the objections by the opposition members, he said, “I am
fasting and Allah knows that neither he had created any hindrance in proceedings of JIT and nor refused any cooperation by departments working under his Ministry.”
“I categorically reject these objections as there is no reason to bar
any of the department under my ministry to cooperate in investigations,” he added. “I believe that Heavens would do the justice.”
He said the matter is subjudice and inquiry in on therefore, it does not
suit to members to use this house as compound of the court.
He further said certain steps by the JIT itself cast doubts among
the people about its functioning.
The minister said the JIT is conducting a process and “we have all the
respect for courts. It is also duty of the members that should avoid issuing verdicts on basis of news stories.”
He said the PML-N always believed in supremacy of the Constitution and I
would say categorically, “neither, I have stopped any department from cooperating with JIT, nor I shall stop them in future.”