No boundary assessment carried out in Karachi since 1998: Kamran Michael

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ISLAMABAD, Sept 19 (APP): Minister for Statistics Kamran Michael
Tuesday said no boundary assessment had been carried out in the
metropolitan city of Karachi since 1998 as only seven mozas were
included in its urban area.
He stated this while responding to a Calling Attention Notice
moved by Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Nasrin Jalil regarding discrepancy
in the figures of three government departments about the population
growth in Karachi i.e., the Census Commission, the Election Commission
of Pakistan and National Database Registration Authority.
The minister said several areas following a notification were
included in Lahore city during 2015 and two tehsils of Kasur were
also declared part of it. No such notification had been issued
in case of Karachi.
He said deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners were
deputed as census commissioners in Karachi, who made efforts along
with civilian departments and personnel of armed forces to complete
the task.
He rejected any discrepancy in figures released by the Statistics
Department after completion of the census.