Nisar rules out possibility of confrontation between state institutions

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ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar
Ali Khan on Saturday ruled out any possibility of confrontation
between the government and the judiciary.
Certain elements, he said, wanted to give an impression that confrontation and chaos existed among state institutions for their
vested political interests.
They were the so-called defenders of the judiciary, who themselves
were involved in ridiculing the institutions when they were in
power, he said in a statement here.
“Interpreting the difference of opinion as a confrontation
reflects the mindset of the people, who want chaos instead of
development and stability in the country,” the minister said and
added the same people pursued negative tactics to stop judges from
giving verdicts while PCO judges were also appointed to high offices
in their tenure.
Chaudhry Nisar said, “The self-proclaimed guardians of
judiciary have forgotten that how the state institutions were
humiliated in their tenure,” he said without naming anyone.
The minister said the government’s response to the
remarks of an honourable judge should not be linked with
confrontation and added that some elements were habitual of creating
misunderstanding among institutions.
“Unfortunately some elements have made a practice of creating
misunderstanding between the government and institutions,” he said.
He said today those elements were trying to exaggerate the
issue to which the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership promptly
showed reaction and took timely disciplinary action against the party
The minister said, “It is quite surprising that today
leaders of a particular party are raising hue and cry whose
spokesman allegedly held national institutions responsible for
rigging in the general election 2013.
No action was taken against that person and he was still
working as spokesman of that party, he added.
He asked what name should be given to this double standard by
Pakistani nations?