Nisar for evolving national narrative on Trump’s statement

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 30 (APP): Former Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Wednesday said the country needed a consensus national narrative on President Donald Trump’s statement regarding US policy in Afghanistan.
“There must be a single narrative by the Parliament, institutions and the government with unflinching stand,” he said while participating in the National Assembly debate on the US President’s statement.
He said a unified message in one-voice should be sent that the entire nation was united to protect Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity at every cost. “It is a great opportunity for Pakistan to exhibit greater national unity and to convey that it does not want any confrontation but multilateral, not unilateral, cooperation based on mutual respect”.
He observed that the US president’s statement was not only a matter of concern for Pakistan but also insulting for the country which rendered unmatched sacrifices in war against terrorism.
Nisar suggested the Speaker National Assembly and Chairman Senate to write letters to their US counterparts for constituting a joint Pak-US committee with the agenda to identify terrorist’s safe havens.
“US side should identify such havens in Pakistan, if any as per the allegations, along with solid evidence, while Pakistan would point out terrorist’s camps/hideouts operating in Afghanistan, which were being used to carry out subversive activities in Pakistan. The issue should be taken to its logical end,” he said.
Besides, he said, there should be an international audit of the financial aid extended to Pakistan on account of Coalition Support Fund (CSF) during the last 10 years, which would expose the tall claims of US about billions of dollars assistance to Pakistan.
Nisar said there was no need to be panicked by the statement rather Pakistan would plead its case with seriousness, arguments and facts.
He said Pakistan should take its international friends including China, Russia Turkey and Iran into confidence over the issue, adding that Iran was the time-tested friend of Pakistan and it should not be ignored.
He reiterated to develop a national narrative, adding that the entire nation was united but just needed to utilize its strengthen appropriately.
He said Pakistan was not responsible for prevailing situation in Afghanistan, rather it was the failure of US and its allied’s political, diplomatic and military policies viz a viz Afghanistan.
He said there was no writ of Afghan government in its around 60 to 70 percent areas and India’s increase influence in Afghanistan, which were some main reasons of instability in Afghanistan.
Nisar said during his visit to US in 2015, he apprised US Senator John Kerry about the treatment meted out to minorities including Muslims in India where they were burnt alive, of which the US Senator was ignorant.