Nisar expresses concern over US statement issued after Indian PM’s visit

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ISLAMABAD, June 27 (APP): Minister for Interior Chaudhry

Nisar Ali Khan Tuesday said it was a matter of great concern
that US administration had started speaking the tone of India,
which was not only involved in massive human rights violations
in Occupied Kashmir but also suppressing Kashmiris legitimate
and just movement for the right to self-determination.
India is also busy in its efforts to present Kashmiris’
indigenous movement for their right to self-determination as
‘terrorism,’ and every principled and living nation should
have concern on its atrocious behavior, he said in a statement
issued here.
The Interior Minister said it reflected from the US
government’s statement given after Indian Prime Minister’
visit to White House that there was no importance of blood
of innocent Kashmiris in the eyes of United States.
He said it seemed that international laws about human
rights’ violations, were not meant for Indian Occupied Kashmir,
and these violations and heinous crimes like bloodshed of
innocent Kashmiris could be ignored there.
Chaudhry Nisar said deliberate ignorance about involvement
of a government in worst state terrorism, hurt justice, value and
norms as well as international obligations. It also exposed double
standards of human and democratic rights’ champions, he added.
Keeping in view the prevailing situation, the minister
underlined the need for exhibiting national harmony, courage
and unity, giving a clear message to Kashmiri brethren that
the government and people of Pakistan would not be oblivious
of extending political, diplomatic and moral support to them.
“We will continue to fight the case of Kashmir at every
forum of the world and shake conscience of international
community,” he said.
Chaudhry Nisar said there would be no compromise on the
legitimate right of people of Kashmir and support of Pakistan
would continue till giving Kashmiris their right in lime with
resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council, to
uphold the principle of fair-play and justice.
He said getting freedom of Indian subjugation and right
to self-determination was the destiny of people of Kashmir and
no world power could deprive the Kashmiris of their legitimate