Nisar takes notice of medical colleges without facilities

ISLAMABAD, Aug 10 (APP): Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday applauded the army, intelligence agencies and police saying despite lack of equipment they were confronting terrorists with courage.

He was of the view that a collective message from the Parliament should have been given valuing the role and sacrifices of intelligence agencies in the war against terror, instead of questioning their performance in the wake of Quetta attacks.

Those questioning the role of national intelligence agencies should have raised their voice against Indian (RAW) and Afghan (NDS) agencies, he added.

Winding up debate on the Quetta terrorist attacks he said the acts were not a routine matter. The attacks were executed scientifically as the terrorists knew that lawyers would gather at the hospital, where the body of the Balochistan Bar Association’s president was brought after he was shot dead.

He said the Prime Minister had been given briefing about Quetta killings, where some evidence had been found. The investigation would be taken to its logical end, he added.

To make the intelligence sharing system more foolproof, the interior minister said that the ISI, IB and provincial security institutions and intelligence agencies would share their information.

“Next few months are going to be a defining moment for us and we will take this war to its logical end,” he said and added, “If we continued with the same unity we will gain success.”

Nisar said he would inform the House about the decisions of meeting of National Security Council, which was unanimous that the law and order situation during the last two and half years had been improved.

He said the present law and order situation in the country was far better than the past, when five to six explosions used to occur daily. He said 2009-10 was the worst year when 2000 terror incidents occurred.

He said now there had been considerable improvement in the law and order situation in the country as the number of terrorist incidents had gradually decreased.

He said in the first eight months of this year total 179 incidents took place, and the government wanted to bring the figure to zero, in cooperation with the nation, parliament and security forces.

The Interior Minister said the US State Department and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), who had a close watch on terrorism incidents, had acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts terming the same as success stories.

He said before the PML-N government, the frequency of terror attacks was high as they used to occur daily, but now as a result of the government’s efforts and law enforcement agencies the situation had improved.

He said personnel of the army, intelligence agencies,law enforcement agencies and police had been playing vital role in eliminating terrorism. “They are our heroes and the entire nation is standing behind them,” he added.

Terming the Quetta carnage a national tragedy, Nisar said terrorism would be defeated with unity and support of the masses.

The minister said the negative forces which were shedding blood of innocent people could not shake resolve of the government and they would be dealt with an iron hand.

He said he had briefed the House on the National Action Plan (NAP) twice and was ready to do so again. He said the federal government never claimed credits rather it always acknowledged the role of parliament.

Nisar said military courts were set up by the PML-N government not for political victimization, but to try hardcore terrorists.

He said he would update the House on the ongoing meetings regarding national security issues.