Nihal asks Imran to apologise for derogatory language against players


ISLAMABAD, Mar 7 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League(N) leader Nihal Hashmi on Tuesday said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan defamed Pakistan by using derogatory language against the foreign guest cricket players.
Addressing media at Parliament Lobby, he demanded that Imran Khan should apologise to the guest players for his irresponsible remarks.
He said that Imran Khan was immature in politics and now he even did not consider him as a great player as he lacked sportsman spirit.
He said that Imran insulted the guests, adding that it was not only insult of foreign players but also of people of black colour in the country. He said that Pakistani culture was based on hospitality.
Earlier, he said that different forums including media highly appreciated the government for holding PSL final in the country.
Other parliamentarians in exclusive talk with APP declared Imran Khan’s statement irresponsible, saying that they can’t expect such an attitude from head of a political party.
Senator Ilyas Bilour said that the statements of Imran Khan before and after PSL final were irresponsible.
Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada said that sportsmanship did not allow anybody to use derogatory language about the players.
He said that the whole nation enjoyed PSL and appreciated the government for holding its final in the country.
He paid tribute to Sir Viv Richards and Darren Sammy for their participation in the PSL.
He said that government was planning to declare both the legends as friends of Pakistan.
Senator Abdul Rehman Malik said that politics and sports were two different fields and sports should not be politicised. He said that there was no need to give irresponsible remarks.