Niazi Sahib learnt no lesson from failures of sit-ins, lockdown: Shehbaz


LAHORE, July 18 (APP): Punajb Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz
Sharif Tuesday said due to obstinacy of the ‘sit-in party’, the
national economy was severely affected, as an attempt was made
to ruin the economy through sit-ins and a lockdown.
“After failure of the sit-ins and lockdown, these elements
have reappeared in a new guise. Despite failure of sit-ins
and lockdown, Niazi Sahib has learnt no lesson from the
history. It is unbecoming of Niazi Sahib to talk about
accountability after partnering the corrupt elements,” he
He expressed these views while talking to the elected
representatives, who called on him here on Tuesday.
The chief minister said that groundless allegations leveled
against the most-transparent elected leadership of the country
had no value, adding that no corruption scandal came out in the
tenure of the Muslim League-N government. In fact, rapidly
completing energy and other development projects had made the
opponents unnerved because they were fearful that the
completion of the most transparent projects would put an end to
their negative politics, he added.
The chief minister said that the sun of Niazi Sahib rises
every morning with a new lie, as the head of the ‘sit-ins party’
was devoid of any ethics and understanding of democratic norms.
He said that firstly these elements made all attempts to
devastate the national economy through sit-ins and then tried to
weaken the country through a lockdown. He said that instead of the
public service in his province, this politician was bent upon
weakening the democratic system in the country.
He said that the people who had got their loans worth billions
of rupees written-off were standing with Niazi Sahib.
The chief minister said that the four years rule was witness to
the PML-N government’s transparency and a new example had been set
by saving national resources worth billions of rupees through
transparency in the development projects. He said that politics
of chaos was very dangerous for Pakistan.
The PML-N had always given priority to national interest as its politics was based on the public development and prosperity. Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had put the country on the road to
economic development with his effective strategy and acumen.
He said that the conscious people would never let the
nefarious designs of such elements succeed, who were trying to
push back the country through their negative politics.
Shehbaz Sharif said that the secret of national development
lied in unity and not in disunity and they should adopt the policy
of collectivism, instead of individualism in the larger interest
of the country.