NHA’s 50 ongoing projects to cost Rs 1,605.6 billion


ISLAMABAD, May 25 (APP): National Highway Authority (NHA) is
playing an important role in the development of economy and
enhancing the national integration. Presently, NHA network comprises
of 39 national highways, motorways,expressway, and strategic roads
with total stretch of 12,131 kms.
NHA existing portfolio consists of 50 on-going projects
costing Rs 1,605.6 billion with Federal PSDP allocation for 2016-17
at Rs.178.5 billion, out of which Rs.60.850 billion is as FEC and
Rs.117.62billion as local component.
There are also 28 new schemes in PSDP 2016-17 with total
estimated cost of Rs. 440.60 billion.
During last five years, NHA has rehabilitated/constructed
3934.4 km length of roads over the country. In 2012-13 NHA
rehabilitated and constructed 594.32 km roads,in 2013-14 835.09
km,in 2014-15 765.92 km and in 2015-2016 it constructed or
rehabilitated 738.72 km.
NHA has already completed three segments of Pakistan Motorway
network viz M-1 (Peshawar-Islamabad), M-2 (Islamabad-Lahore) and M-3
(Pindi Bhattian-Faisalabad) on a virgin corridor bringing remote
areas on mainline and boosting economic activities.
NHA ongoing motorway projects include Havelian-Thakot, Hazara
Motorway (E-35),Hakla-D.I.Khan,Sialkot-Lahore,Lahore-Multan,
Gojra-Shorkot (M-4),Shorkot- Khanewal,Sukkur-Multan and
Karachi-Hyderabad (M-9). Hyderabad-Sukkur (M-6) is at procurement