Neck and neck contest expected between PTI, PML -N in NA-61



RAWALPINDI, July 13 (APP):The Garrison city’s constituency Rawalpindi Cantonment NA -61 will witness neck and neck competition on July 25.
The PML-N is confident to retain this seat on basis of his government’s performance in which a number of development schemes were completed.
The main battle is expected between Malik Ibrar of PML-N and Amir Mahmood Kyani of PTI. Other prominent contestants include, Haji Gulzar Awan of PPP and Mian Zafar Yaseen of MMA.
The constituencies NA-61 were formerly known as NA-39 from 1985 to 1997 and after delimitation process in 2002, NA-39 was declared NA-54.
This constituency mostly covers Rawalpindi Cantonment Board area and some parts of Chaklala Cantonment Board.
As compared to the rest of six constituencies of the district, this constituency has 19 candidates, the highest number of aspiring contestants including 7 independents.
The constituency has 367,782 registered voters including 193240 male and 174542 female voters, while 299 polling stations including 152 male and 145 female have been established in the constituency while 314 presiding officers, 1441 assistant presiding officers and 720 polling officers would perform the election duty.
In 1988 Raja Shahid Zafar of PPP bagged 60,701 by defeating Muhammad
Basharat Raja IJI and 44719 Syed Riaz Hussain Shah of PAI .
In 1990 Muhammad Ejaz ul Haq of IJI had won and got 87,829 while Raja Shahid Zafar PDA had bagged 57130 votes.
In 1993 election Ejaz ul Haq bagged 87,829 votes while Raja Shahid Zafar got 64,655
In 1997 Ezaj ul Haq again become victorious by securing 87,392 votes on PML -N ticket and Shahid Zafar received 31,838 votes.
In 2002, Zumurd Khan of PPP won the National Assembly seat with 31,400 votes and Raja Muhammad Zafar Ul Haq of PML-N lost by 2,600 votes.
In 2008, Malik Ibrar Ahmad of PML-N won the National Assembly seat with 58,200 votes and Zumarad Khan lost by 24,500 votes.
In 2013 elections, Malik Ibrar Ahmad won by bagging 76,336 votes while Hina Munzoor of PTI secured 68,687 votes.
In 2018, PTI awarded ticket to a new candidate who is president of PTI Northern Punjab Amir Kaini who will face the former MNA Malik Ibrar, PPP
Candidate Haji Gulzar, MMA and TLY.
All major political parties are contesting elections with a strong panel on two provincial assembly seats that fall under NA-61.