ISLAMABAD, July 20 (APP):National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) will focus on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and DRF with strong knowledge based on risk and vulnerabilities for informed investment (MHVRA).
According to details, NDRMF has been made operational with an initial funding of US$ 200 million by Asian Development Bank (ADB), US$ 25 million by Government of Pakistan (GOP), US$ 3.4 million by Australian Aid (AusAID) and US$1.5 million by Swiss aid with additional commitment of US$ 1 billion between 2020-2030.
The newly-launched Fund, namely NDRMF formed by the government of Pakistan to finance investments in disaster risk reduction and preparedness while National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) and National Flood Protection Plan-IV (NFPP-IV) would be the guiding documents for project selection.
In addition it would help ensure that the Fund Implementation Partners (FIPs) and other stakeholders were equipped with self-assessment for getting themselves accredited with the Fund.
According to details, Fund’s sustainability has been ensured through endowment (US$123 million), while first three years establishment cost is being borne by ADB.
NDRMF has highest Institutional level of coordination, diligence, quality control, monitoring and fiduciary safeguards. The Fund’s operations also include to mobilize additional 30% funds (estimated at $330 million ultimately) from implementation partners (Govt entities, UN agencies and I/NGO’s), besides additional funding by development partners and International Funds.
The Fund has adopted proactive approach against a response centric approach where it is government owned and not donor driven registered as a corporate entity with its own Board and Governing Body (allowing quick decision making and institutional diligence).
NDRMF through its integrated policy framework draws 30 percent contribution from the FIP’s, thus enlarging the Fund’s basket. It takes a long term and comprehensive view of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) allowing a structured, integrated and coordinated approach.
It also allows space for other donors to contribute with broad spectrum of FIP’s; Government entities, United Nations (UN) agencies, International or local Non-government Organizations (I/NGOs); allowing better coverage and penetration, leveraging their core competencies.
The project will focus on to develop national and subnational emergency response plans,
Multi Hazard and Vulnerability Risk Assessment in 20 cities and districts, community Based Disaster Risk Management activities in 50 Union Councils (UCs) and urban centers, retrofitting and new construction of at least 300 km flood protection infrastructure with 500 social sector public buildings to be made safe and resistant to multiple hazards, enhance the geographic coverage area of early warning systems.
NDRMF has set efficient milestones to achieve during 2018-2020 which includes budget utilization of US$ 130 Million, geographical coverage of all provinces, Azasd Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and former Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), thematic coverage according to NDMP and NFPP IV, all types of implementing partners including federal entities, provincial departments, UN organizations and I/NGOs involved.
It has also introduced systems and procedures in place: submission, evaluation and approval of proposals, disbursements and monitoring, approval of all policies pertaining to gender, environment, and social safeguards, coordination mechanisms that are fully established and functional at federal and provincial level.