NDMA chief for joint plans for emergencies


LAHORE,May 15 (APP): Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lieutenant General Omar Mahmood Hayat on Monday called for preparing joint comprehensive factual based plan with collaboration of provincial departments to meet any disaster in the country.
During his visit to Provincial Disaster Management Authority Punjab, Lieutenant General Omar Mahmood Hayat had a meeting with Director General PDMA Punjab Mudasar Waheed Malik and other officials to review pre-flood arrangements.
NDMA Chairman said there should be a common operating picture and IT based infrastructure to proceed for any type of emergencies.
He said that government had facilitated the Met department and with completion of Cnsus the NDMA would be able to get actual numbers and areas for streamlining relief process during any disaster.
He also stressed for full preparedness in a comprehensive endeavour towards combating natural or man-induced disasters at the provincial and district level and securing lives and livelihoods of affected people.
The chairman also directed the PDMA Punjab officials to create a useful linkage with NDMA for providing better relief to the people and also offered his full support and cooperation to PDMA Punjab in case of any emergency.
Earlier,DG PDMA Punjab Mudasar Waheed Malik gave him a detailed briefing regarding the plan, arrangements and measures for the upcoming monsoon and any other emergencies at provincial and district level.
He said that PDMA’s control room worked round the clock during June 15 to October 15 and any other harsh situation to get updates,and had close contact with other related departments.
He said that the department was conducting a survey of dangerous buildings the province and they had a plan to set alarm based modern technology at Irrigation and Rescue 1122 offices, besides integrate CCTV cameras for proper monitoring.
Mudasar said that the department had taken many disaster risk reduction measures including formation of safety committees at district level and preparing Android Application for building a complete record.
“Responding to any disasters, in a timely and effective manner and close coordination with related departments can reduce deaths and injuries as well as economic losses. PDMA is trying to maintain close liaison and concerted coordination with the relevant agencies (Including Irrigation Department, C&W Department, Rescue 1122, Health Department, Education Department, Livestock Department, Meteorological Department, Pakistan Railways, Federal Flood Commission, PITB, NDMA, Urban Unit, NGOs, Donors etc.) for better disaster management”, he added.