ISLAMABAD, Jul 27 (APP): Senate functional standing committee on Human Rights has asked the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) to prepare a draft report on establishing a monitoring body on Sindh operation and present it before the committee.

Chairing senate body, which met here on Wednesday Senator Nasreen Jalil lauded the sacrifices of rangers, police and law enforcement agencies for ensuring peace in Sindh and said that there should be a monitoring body which can over sight the operation.

The committee also directed to pass anti-torture legislation
to check custodial killing.

The committee members said that Pakistan has signed international convention against torture and under it, the fundamental requirement is to do legislation on it.

Giving briefing to the committee, a representative of Rangers Sindh informed the committee that in 2013 under national action plan, they were assigned four major tasks including to control terrorism, target killing, kidnapping for ransom and extortion.

At that time Karachi was ranked as the 6th most dangerous city of the world.

He informed that they were asked to destroy major terrorist groups, neutralize militant wings of political parties, check routine crimes and establish people’s confidence.

“Since September 5, 2013, he said, 7,950 persons were arrested by rangers and among them 6,361 were handed over to police with evidence.

He said that they also recovered a large amount of weapons and ammunition from the arrested persons. “We arrested 848 target killers who confessed more than 7,000 killing”, he informed.

As result of these operations, terrorism was reduced 80
percent while target killing 75 percent, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and other crimes were also reduced to significant level, he stated.

He said there are chances of regathering of terrorist groups
and other heinous nature crimes if the operation is not continued further.

Deputy Investigation General (DIG) Investigation Punjab
informed the committee that the situation of child abduction is not as much serious as portrayed by media.

He said that 187 children were reported missing from January to June this year and 24 other in July but among them 163 returned homes themselves and 28 were recovered by police.