NCHD establishes country’s first teachers training institute


ISLAMABAD, June 16 (APP): National Commission for Human
Development (NCHD) has established National Training Institute (NTI)
to enhance the capabilities of the teachers through training.
An official source told APP here on Friday, the main purpose
of country’s first establishment of NTI is to promote the informal
education and others who are connected with this profession to
enhance people’s capability.
He said the NTI is best institute for teachers training as
they would get modern and multigrade teaching techniques.
To a question, he said 50.70 million children across the
country are un-educated while 20 to 26 million children are out of
schools which is a big challenge for the government.
The NCHD would promote the informal education in the different age
group of children and promote group study.
He said there are so many formal and informal educational
institutions but formal institution are failure to achieve their
target due to the lack of teachers in schools and having no concept
of group education.
The NTI will be responsible to provide the training to all NCHD
teachers, to meet the challenge of international level, adding that
it will provide international level training.
The NTI will also provide training to other teachers of
institution if they want to get the training from it.