Nawaz Sharif’s mission of serving people to continue: Tariq


ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (APP): Minister of State for Capital
Administration and Development Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry Friday said
that the mission of former Prime Minister, Muhammed Nawaz Sharif for serving
the country and the people would be continued with more devotion.
He said that the development work done by the incumbent
government during previous four years, was more than the last 50
years, as the government believed that politics of service would
once again win.
Addressing a public gathering after inaugurating provision of
gas to Bhangrail and Kortana areas of Rawat, the minister said that
the opponents were fearing another defeat in the general elections
of 2018.
The provision of gas to Kortana and Bhangrail was made
possible with a cost of Rs 4.2 million and Rs 30 million
On the occasion, various leaders of the area also announced to
join PML-N.
The minister of state said efforts were being made to provide
equal facilities to rural as well as urban areas of the federal
He said the situation of today’s Pakistan was far better and
hopeful than that of 2013.
“Whenever a Prime Minister starts presenting good progress in
the country, a series of conspiracies has been hatched against him to
derail his progress”, he said adding that the opponents were not
working against the prime minister but in fact they were plotting
against the country’s development.
He said today, loadshedding had reduce considerably, China
Pakistan Economic Corridor had entered in its early harvest
programme, terrorism was fading away, and the international
investors were keen to invest in Pakistan.
However, he said the opponents were not tolerate this
progress and development and they were hatching conspiracies against
the democratic Pakistan.