Nawaz Sharif rules hearts of people: Shehbaz

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LAHORE, Aug 7 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said great records of national
development had been set under the leadership of Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif.
A substantial progress in different fields, including
education, health, economy, infrastructure and energy, went
to their credit, he added.
The development projects of the tenure of Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif were a glowing example of transparency, quality and
speed, he added.
In a statement issued here, he said Nawaz Sharif was the
popular leader even today and would remain so forever, adding the
critics should look at the condition of their province before
making any comment. He said, it was in knowledge of the critics
that Punjab was performance-wise far ahead. The defeated
political elements would had to reap tomorrow what they
were sowing today.
The chief minister said the Pakistan Muslim League-N had
always adopted positive approach in politics. The party had
always promoted democracy and strengthened the country.
Speedy development of the country and welfare of
people was an agenda of the PML-N.
He pointed out that the PML-N had set record of completing
development projects with speed and transparency. On the other
side, political opponents had set international records of
falsehood and baseless allegations. He said some of the
defeated political elements were bent upon derailing
development process in the country.
He said politicians responsible for sit-ins and lockdown
hatched a nefarious conspiracy to obstruct the development
process and tremendously damaged the country by wasting
precious time of the nation.
Shehbaz Sharif said positive change for making the new
Pakistan did not come through hollow sloganeering but one had
to spend life for the service of the masses. The sit-in party
had ruined the province where they were given the mandate of
public service.
He said corrupt as well as sit-in elements
should understand realities and stop playing with destiny of
the country.