Nawaz Sharif relinquishes office of Prime Minister: PML-N spokesman

ISLAMABAD, July 28 (APP): Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Friday

relinquished the office of Prime Minister following the order
of the Supreme Court that stood him disqualified in Panama case.
“Immediately after the decision of Supreme Court,
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has relinquished his responsibilities as
prime minister,” a spokesman of Pakistan Muslim League-N said
in a press release.
The spokesman said despite reservations about
different phases of the case – from filing of petition to
verdict – the decision would be implemented.
“This judicial process carries a set of examples which
have been unprecedented in the history of 70 years,” the
statement said.
The spokesman said despite apprehensions, all
constitutional and legal options would be exercised, adding only history would be the real judge.
“InshaAllah, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will stand successful
in the court of Allah and people,” the spokesman said.