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ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP): Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Shaikh Aftab Ahmad Monday said the Prime Minster Muhammed Nawaz Sharif had made Pakistan an atomic power by doing atomic blasts and made the defense of the country impregnable.

Replying to a question in the National Assembly session, he said that Muhamad Nawaz Sharif had beard punishment of Attok jail and exile from the country for making Pakistan defense strong.

He said there was no uranium found from the area of Boneer, adding that Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has conducted many geological surveys in the area but could not succeed in founding any of the uranium reservoirs there.

He said that the federal government would direct the province for the provision of basic facilities to the people of the area.

Aftab Iqbal said that the salaries of the parliament members of the Pakistan were low in against of the other countries of the region.