Nawaz says people have not accepted his disqualification

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LAHORE, Aug 12 (APP): Former prime minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif Saturday said the people from Islamabad to Shahdara
had not accepted the court verdict regarding his disqualification.
Addressing a large gathering of PML-N workers at
Shahdara, he said: “I promise you that if your enthusiasm
sustains, Pakistan will make development in a few years.”
“I with your support will bring about a change. Will you
support Nawaz Sharif?” he asked the sloganeering people, and
got a big “yes” in response.
He said:”I was deposed only on the charges of not
getting salary from my son.” He did not commit any
corruption, he added.
He expressed his joy on the welcome accorded to him by the
people of Shahdara and said he witnessed the same enthusiasm and
zeal everywhere on his way from Islamabad.
Earlier, on reaching Shahdara, Nawaz Sharif was accorded
a historic welcome by thousands of party workers and
supporters. They were chanting slogans and carried placards,
banners and posters of their leader.
He also asked the crowd to come with him to Data Darbar
where he would deliver his speech in detail.