Nawaz played leading role in restoration of judiciary: Anusha

ISLAMABAD, July 12 (APP): Minister of State for Information
Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rehman on Wednesday said
that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had played a leading role in the restoration of judiciary.
Nawaz Sharif had always respected courts and worked for the
supremacy of constitution and law, which was evident from his
role in the lawyers movement for the restoration of an independent
judiciary, she said while talking to a private news channel.
Commenting on the joint investigation team’s (JIT) report,
Anusha said it was an incomplete report.
“We had reservation about the JIT’s composition, its members
and conduct and conveyed the same to the Supreme Court,” she said.
However, the prime minister, despite having immunity, himself and
his family appeared before the JIT, she added.
To a question, the Minister of State said demanding the prime
minister’s resignation over mere allegations was unconstitutional.
To another querry, she said Nawaz Sharif was the third time
elected prime minister of the country and he would again become
the prime minister after the 2018 general election.