Nawaz files another review petition against Panama Papers case verdict

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 26 (APP): Former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Saturday submitted another petition with the Supreme Court (SC)
to review its the Panama Papers case.
Challenging the verdict announced by a three-member SC bench on July
28, Nawaz Sharif in his fresh review petition argued that not drawing
a salary and not declaring it could not be made the basis for disqualification.
He asked how his disqualification came about on the basis of matters
concerning Capital FZE, when there was no mention of the firm in the original petition
against the Sharif family filed by the plaintiffs.
Citing Pakistan’s income tax laws, according to which a salary is
that which has been received by a filer, Nawaz Sharif maintained
he could not be disqualifed even if he were to declare his salary from
the Capital FZE.
On the matter of not declaring his assets, the former prime minister
said a relevant forum existed to deal with such concerns and had the SC referred the
matter to that forum, he would have had the chance to defend himself.
Nawaz Sharif also objected to the fact that the defendants’
reservations regarding the joint investigation team (JIT) were dismissed.
He maintained that asking the trial court to wrap up its proceedings within six
months would affect the verdict. No law in Pakistan allowed
for the monitoring of a trial court and thus the SC’s orders to conduct
such monitoring were against the law, he added.
Nawaz Sharif has already filed three review petitions against the verdict
announced by the five members SC bench on April 20.