National song “Aye Sar Zameen” receives overwhelming response


ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (APP): The recently launched national song
“Aye Sar Zameen” by Pakistan’s first Opera Star, Saira Peter is
receiving overwhelming response on social media and from patriotic
citizens across the country and abroad.
Saira Peter who is Karachi born, international singer has just
launched the most wonderful national song in gratitude to her
beautiful home country Pakistan.
Saira Peter, in her song, paid a glowing tribute to the
people and places which appear in the music video, speaking hope and
a future for Pakistan with their smiles and their natural glory.
Saira has surprised the audience with her unique style and the
way she combined melodies with inspiring lyrics.
Her new genre of Pakistani music, `Sufi opera’, has won her
many fans and admirers.
“She speaks and lives her values out as she also sings them.
She is an example to many as a singer, composer, scholar and
humanitarian worker, showing other young Pakistani women it is
definitely possible to succeed and live an excellent, praiseworthy
life”, Sadabahar, a renowned music director said.
Saira sings the song of her precious Pakistan, a gold and
silvery land (Pak dharti zarrin mah jabeen) and wishes prosperity
for her land.
Saira will give her debut performance of this new national
song “Aye Sar Zameen” at the High Commission for Pakistan in London
on August 14, Independence Day and 70th birthday of Pakistan.
Saira Peter spent many years perfecting this tune and these
lyrics, having started with some of the notes seven years ago.
The way it portrays people of many different backgrounds,
ages, faiths and professions will stir your soul and lift your
spirit, reminding you of all that this country has to be proud of.
In days of vast challenges in the nation and worldwide, we
desperately need such prompts to be thankful and in awe of the
beauty around us.
“Aye Sar Zameen” is even making a splash overseas, far beyond
its Urdu-speaking audience. Music Director Stephen Smith (USA)
remarked that the infectious music gives an irresistible urge to get
up and dance, while the visually immersive video would make anyone
want to visit such a beautiful place.
UK Music Director Tim Rossell, who has decades of experience
with Pakistan’s arts and culture, says the unprecedented composition
gives a refreshing sense of reality to the soul.
Through the array of people it portrays, the video conveys a
uniquely Pakistani strength of joy and resilience in the midst of
life’s challenges, a contentment that could only be borne of utter
reliance on God.