National flag hoisted at Pakistan House to mark Pakistan day in N.Y.

NEW YORK, Mar 23 (APP): Pakistan’s national flag was on Thursday
unfurled at the Pakistan House, which houses the country’s Mission to the United Nations and the Consulate General in New York, at an impressive ceremony to celebrate the Pakistan day.
The ceremony began with recitation of the holy Quran, and as Pakistani
Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi hoisted the green-crescent-and-star, the national anthem was played.
After recitation from the Holy Quraan, Ambassador Lodhi read out the
Pakistan Day message of President Mamnoon Hussain and Raja Ali Ejaz, Consul General, New York, read out the message of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Lodhi paid tributes to Quaid-e-Azam
Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the sacrifices made by the muslims of the sub-continent for the creation of Pakistan. Since its independence, she said, Pakistan has made much progress although challenges still need to be negotiated.
Efforts were being made by the government to realize the Quaid’s vision
for the country and to defeat militancy and terrorism, she added.
In the 70th year of its independence, she said, Pakistan has achieved a
lot to be proud of. “The challenges we face today, as a nation, will be surmounted, as we always done in the past. We are a resilient nation”, she added.
The Consul General recalled the services and sacrifices rendered by the
founding fathers for the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India.
The ceremony concluded by a “dua” for the prosperity and progress of
All officers and staff of the Mission and the Consulate General along
with their families attended the ceremony.