Nasser, Australian envoy discuss bilateral ties


ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP): Australian Ambassador for Counter Terrorism Paul Foley, accompanied by Acting Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, met the National Security Adviser Lt. General ® Nasser Khan Janjua on Tuesday and discussed matters of bilateral interest.
The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations, regional and global trends of security and stability.
The mechanisms of counter terrorism and cooperation also came under discussion.
The national security advisor briefed the ambassador on the phenomenon of emergence of terrorism in the region and Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts and its firm resolve to purge the region of the scourge of terrorism.
Nasser explained at length the significance of strategic stability of the region, nuclear restraint and balance between India and Pakistan as well as the need for a balanced approach in view of the sensitivity in security architecture of the region.
Discussing Pakistan-Afghan relations, national security advisor said peace in Afghanistan was pre-requisite for stability and peace of the whole region.
He reiterated that it was high time for Afghan government to stop the ongoing blame game as that was not helpful.
Indeed both Pakistan and Afghanistan were required to put joint efforts against terrorism by adopting an effective and comprehensive counter terrorism strategy to save our coming generations.
For overcoming these challenges both the nations needed to belong to a shared future which was common and bright.
The national security adviser also highlighted Pakistan’s strategic location as a gateway for the region and a strong country of the future in term of economic connectivity of the world.
He also briefed the ambassador on human rights issues in Indian occupied Kashmir.
The ambassador discussed the Australian government’s counter terrorism strategy and priority for the region, especially Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He also acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts for the improvement of regional peace and expressed appreciation for implementation on the National Action Plan as an instrument for achieving sustainable peace in the region.
The envoy said Australia also looked at CPEC positively and would look forward to assess what opportunity that would offer to Australia.
Foley also expressed his condolences on the loss of life in recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Both sides agreed to strengthen cooperation further.