NAB recovers Rs 285 billion since its inception


ISLAMABAD, Jan 1 (APP): The National Accountability Bureau
(NAB) has recovered Rs 285 billion since its inception and deposited
in national exchequer, according to NAB spokesperson.
The spokesman said that the figures are indicative of the hard
work being put in by all ranks of NAB staff in an atmosphere of
renewed energy and dynamism, where fight against corruption is being
taken as a national duty.
He said that NAB under the leadership of Qamar Zaman Chaudhry,
Chairman NAB has chalked out a comprehensive National Anti-
Corruption Strategy (NACS) for eradication of corruption and corrupt
practices throughout the country. “NAB works according to National
Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999, which empowers it to act
against those who are involved in the corruption and corrupt
practices,” he added.
He said that corruption is an insidious plague that has a wide
range of corrosive effects on societies and it undermines
development and rule of law and is breeding ground for organized
crimes in the society, perpetuates inefficiencies in the system and
therefore spearheads regress.
He said that corruption was affecting the country just like a
cancer. Awareness and prevention of corruption is a challenging task
and as a Pakistanis it is our moral duty to spread awareness
regarding the ill effects of the menace all the segments of the
society should play an active role for the eradication of corruption
from the country, he said.
He said that increase in the number of complaints also
reflects enhanced public trusted in the NAB. The PILDAT report for
the last year also supports the position stated above as 42% people
trusted NAB against 30 % for police and 29 % for government
officials, he added.
He said that the recent reports of Transparency International
also rated Pakistan in Corruption Perception Index (CPI) from 175 to
126 in 2014 and in 2015 and Corruption Perception Index (CPI)
decreased from 126 to 117. The World Economic Forum has also rated
Pakistan from 126 to 122 in its competitive Report of 2016-17 which
is a great achievement for Pakistan due to NAB’s efforts.
To create Awareness against the ill effects of corruption
among the youth of Pakistan, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in
collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) signed a
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Over 42000 Character Building
Societies (CBSs) have been established by NAB in universities,
colleges and schools to create awareness against corruption as
youths are considered a vanguard in this fight, he said.
The NAB spokesman said that on the directions of Chairman NAB,
a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has already been devised to
rationalize the workload and timelines have been prescribed for
efficient, effective and expeditious disposal of cases putting a
maximum limit of 10 months- from complaint verification-to-inquiry-
to-investigation and finally to a reference in the Accountability
Court. In order to ensure uniformity and standardization, the
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in vogue were revised after a gap
of 10 years to make these responsive to the needs of changed
economic, social and technological realities along with goals and
targets for smooth conduct of operational activities in accordance
with Law and to bring further improvements in the performance of NAB
Regional Bureaus.
The performance Evaluation of all NAB’s Regional Bureaus is
being done under Party Quantified Grading System at prescribed
criteria and NAB has developed Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
System catering the needs of all concerned having salient features
of maintenance of data at each stage including complaint entry,
complaint verification, inquiry, investigation, prosecution stage
and record preservation of Regional Board Meetings and Executive
Board Meetings including case brief, decisions made and list of
participants attended the meeting with time & date and setting up of
an effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System and ability to
analyze data in qualitative and quantitative form having warnings
and alarms system for violators.
He said that NAB with improved infrastructure and rationalized
workload, timelines have been prescribed for efficient, effective
and expeditious disposal of case putting a maximum limit of 10
months- from complaint verification-to-inquiry-to investigation and
finally to a reference in Accountability Court.
He said that NAB has devised a centralized monitoring
mechanism to ensure compliance with the SOP’s and prescribed
The meeting reviewed the performance of NAB’s field formations
and expressed satisfaction that the schedule and timelines were
being observed and it also evaluated the efficacy of the concept of
CIT and observed that the CIT had indeed improved the quality of
investigations as well as the professional capacity of Investigation
officers (IOs), he said and added that the Internal Accountability
Mechanism (IAM) recently devised will ensure quick and effective
monitoring and evaluation of all levels of work force in NAB.
According to details NAB has approved Internal Accountability
Mechanism (IAM) within NAB with a view to weed out such elements
that for reasons of inefficiency, misconduct, malpractice and
violation of laid down SOPs/Rules and bring a bad name to the
organization. Chairman NAB has directed Senior Member Chairman
Inspection and Monitoring Team (CI&MT) to issue policy guidelines to
all Regional Bureaus of NAB for implementation and application.
In line with Chairman NAB’s firm resolve and commitment to
eradicate corruption and corrupt practices from the country,
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Securities and Exchange
Commission of Pakistan (SECP) have decided created a Joint Task
Force comprising of senior level officers of NAB and SECP in order
to work expeditiously on the corruption cases referred by SECP to
NAB. The Joint Task Force will inquire/investigate all corruption
cases related to fraud, embezzlement, corrupt practices and cheating
public at large by the sponsors, directors and management of
brokerage houses of the stock exchanges referred by SECP on top
priority basis with the intention to recover investor’s hard earned
money which has been misappropriated for personal benefits of the
sponsors and Directors of the Brokerage Houses.
For greater cohesion in the professional work and the
constitution of Joint Task Force at NAB Headquarters, two senior
level officers/experts from SECP (one each from legal and operation
side) and senior level officers of NAB from Financial Crimes
Investigation Wing, Operation and Prosecution wings will be part of
Joint Task Force.
The spokesman said that NAB has established its first Forensic
Science Lab (FSL) in NAB Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The Forensic Science
Lab has facilities of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents and
Fingerprint Analysis. He said that NAB has organizing a seminar of
SAARC countries on Anti-Corruption in September 2016NAB in which NAB
has become first Chairman of SAARC Anti-Corruption forum for
collaborative efforts for eradication of corruption on the basis of
best practices. NAB has proposed Ministry of Law and Justice that
Whistle Blowing Protection Act is imperative for the country under
the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC),
legislation on Whistle Blowing is an obligation on Pakistan.
He said that the Prime Minister and Federal Cabinet have
approved Whistle Blower Protection Bill which will now be sent to
National Assembly of Pakistan for further necessary action. NAB has
trained 104 investigation officers at Police Training College Sihala
on modern lines and it has also planned establishment of NAB’s
Anti-Corruption Academy at Islamabad for capacity building of NAB
He said that NAB has proposed State Bank of Pakistan that all
ATM machines and cheques display/carry NAB message “Say No to
Corruption” across the country in order to aware people about the
ill effects of corruption and it has organized a national Seminar on
World Anti-Corruption Day at Aiwan Sadr, Islamabad which was chaired
by the President of Pakistan.
The Chairman NAB said that NAB strongly believes in Zero
Tolerance Policy against Corruption. NAB’s Anti-corruption campaign
is carried widely for awareness and prevention of corruption besides
Enforcement across the board. NAB hopes that joint efforts of all
stakeholders can collaborate to check corruption and corrupt
practices before happening with the help of all stakeholders, civil
society, media and people at large and bring sustainable systematic
changes to the governance structure of our country.