ISLAMABAD, Jun 29 (APP): National Accountability Bureau (NAB)
on Thursday lodged a complain with Pakistan Electronic Media
Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) against host of Khara Such programme,
Mubashir Lucman which was aired on Channel 24 News.
The programme, entitled ‘Khara Such’ was aired on Wednesday
(June 28, from 10:03 to 10:53 pm) and hosted by Mubashir Lucman.
In a letter addressed to Chairman PEMRA, NAB has
termed the programme as absolutely false, baseless and concocted,
which cast aspersions on Chairman NAB and the NAB as an institution.
The complaint further revealed that the channel by airing such
a false and defamatory programme against Chairman NAB and NAB as an institution had deliberately made an attempt to tarnish the respect
and image of both the Chairman and Bureau.
Moreover, the channel without obtaining official point of view
of NAB has also violated PEMRA’s Electronic Media Code of Conduct
The primary duty of a reporter/host is to place right
information and statistics before airing any programme and has to
verify pros and cons of the story.
But, in the said programme, the host went on air without
verifying record and leveled allegations.
“The channel management and host of the programme are in
material breach of, inter alia, section 3(1), section 4 (9)
and section 22 (1), (3) and (4) of the Electronic Media Code of
Conduct notified by the Government of Pakistan in 2015,” it was also
The Bureau has sought an immediate necessary action against
management of the channel and Mubashir Lucman for violating PEMRA’s
Code. In fact, the host and management of the channel have failed to
fulfill their legal, professional and ethical duty by defaming
statutory office of the Chairman but also repeated the programme
again and again.