NA witness heated discussion on FATA issue


ISLAMABAD May 18 (APP): The National Assembly on Thursday experienced heated discussion among the members on implementation of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) reforms and subsequent legislation on the matter.
The discussion was started by Leader of the Opposition Syed Khusheed Ahmed Shah who had raised the issue of opposing implementation of reforms by one of the allied parties of the government.
His contention was appropriately replied by Minister for State and Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch towards the end of discussion, by reiterating commitment of the government and stating that it was not under pressure by allies. However, the government desired to amicably resolve the issue and take along all parties.
After Khursheed Shah, another opposition leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi spoke on the issue and it was general perception that the current session was summoned keeping in view the importance of FATA issue.
“But, opposing the process by one of the government allies smelled foul as opposition parties had no objection on merger of FATA into KP”.
Later on, PKMAP leader Mahmood Khan Achakzai observed that no law should be passed against the will of FATA people.
“We need to ask FATA people what they desire and respect opinion. Do not extend any law to FATA against their will, it will be unconstitutional and undemocratic”.he remarked.
After his comments, Shah Mahmood Qureshi contested that Achakzai had mentioned his name and he responded in a fiery tone stating that nobody could stop him or his party in the House.
“FATA does not belong to people of FATA alone as it belong to every Pakistani. How can it be stated that not this parliament that has representation of members from FATA, cannot decide about future of FATA”.
His comments were continuously being supplemented by vocal Dr Shireen Mazari who is most often seen in the House speaking without mike least caring to reminders of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.
The other member was Shah Ji Gul Afridi who like the other day’s attitude of shouting in the House, continued with the same spirit least caring for rules and norms of the House no matter that the Speaker repeatedly reminded him to maintain decorum of the House.
During the course of proceedings, the Speaker had been asking again and again Dr Mazari to lower her voice and stop disrupting the proceedings. “Every member in this House has his voice and vote and if any member has stated anything it is his or her personal opinion”.
The most unpleasant was the attitude of Shah Ji Gul Afridi who have been shouting all the time regardless that who was talking what. He was all the time trying to sell his own product least caring requests of the Speaker.
This invited ire of the Chair and the Speaker had to strictly warn Mr Afridi to behave denying him the mike and also telling him ‘I shall have you thrown out of the House.
He also asked Dr Shireen Mazari to lower her voice and do not speak out of turn. Please control your voice. You are disrupting proceedings. Please lower your voice. You cannot restrict other to speak.”
But, like always Dr Shireen Mazari continued with a “full throat shout” that compelled the Chair to warn her. “I am warning you Dr sahiba. Don’t do that. Please control your voice. Please wait for your turn.”
Meanwhile, the mike was given to senior politician Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour who stated FATA is part of Pakistan and elected members from tribal areas are very much in the Parliament.
He said over the period our Parliaments have changed many laws of the British era as per our needs and there is also need for reviewing FATA laws.
“Nobody can stop implementation of decisions of the Parliament. Let the bill be brought to the House for debate and voting”.
On this the Speaker informed the House that the bill is under discussion at the Committee that has already held its first meeting.