NA unanimously rejects Trump’s statement


ISLAMABAD, Aug 30 (APP): The National Assembly on Wednesday,
in its resolution, unanimously rejected the unacceptable targeting
of Pakistan by the US President Trump and called upon the government to consider suspension of cooperation with the US particularly the
provision of ‘Ground/Air Lines’ of communication through Pakistan.
The resolution was moved by Minister for Foreign Affairs
Khawaja Muhammad Asif on behalf of all parties in the House.
The National Assembly also rejected claims of General
Nicholson, NATO Commander in Afghanistan regarding existence of
Taliban shuras in Quetta and Peshawar.
“Given Indian known support to terrorism and its destablizing
policies in the region, this House condemns attempts by the Trump
Administration to provide more space to India in Afghanistan and
considers it a move highly detrimental to regional stability, and
complete failure to understand existing ground realities and
emerging challenges in the region. It also condemns Indian state-
inflicted repression on the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and
reiterates Pakistan continued diplomatic, political and moral
support for their struggle for self-determination,” the resolution
Reading out the resolution, Minister for Foreign Affairs
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said the House also rejected the US claim of
giving Pakistan billions of dollars in aid. In fact Pakistan economy
has suffered a loss of more than $ 123 billion, he added.
The house denounced the complete disregard and lack of respect
for Pakistan’s immense sacrifices in countering terrorism.
The fact that more than 70,000 Pakistanis have been victims of
terrorism, a menace brought to the region four decades ago, has been
totally ignored, the resolution said.
“The National Assembly acknowledges the sacrifices of the
security forces in their counter-terrorism operations and expresses
full support for the counter terrorism operations being conducted by
the armed forces of Pakistan along with the Rangers and Law
Enforcement Agencies,” it said.
The house reiterated that as a responsible nuclear weapon
state, Pakistan has in place a robust and credible command and
control system which has been universally recognized.
The National Assembly regards President Trump’s and General
Nicholson’s statements on Pakistan as hostile and threatening and
calls on the government of Pakistan to:-
“express the determination of people of Pakistan to protect
Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;
– consider the postponement of any visits by US delegations to
Pakistan or by Pakistani delegations/officials to the USA;
– consider suspension of cooperation with the US particularly
the provision of Ground/Air Lines of Communication (GLOSC/ALOCs)
through Pakistan;
– draw up and inform the US and the Afghan government of a
blueprint for the return of all Afghan refugees in a dignified but
specified timeframe;
formulate economic policies to deal with any situation arising
out of the absence of US assistance;

– commence a diplomatic initiative, particularly with friendly
countries in the region, to inform the international community of
Pakistan’s counter terrorism strategy and success and the
repercussions on the region of he failed US Afghan policy and
– reiterate Pakistan’s determination to strengthen border
control measures on the international border with Afghanistan and
demand cooperation and similar action from Afghanistan and ISF.”

The National Assembly expressed its serious concern over the
increasing concentration of ISIS and other terrorist networks in the
Afghan provinces bordering Pakistan and demanded:-

“- Afghanistan, the US and its allies should close their borders to
leaders of terrorist/militant groups carrying out acts of terrorism
against Pakistan;
– The Afghan government should close all safe havens being
provided to the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and
other terrorist organizations, from where terror attacks are
conducted against Pakistan.
– The US, NATO and the Afghan government should ensure that
India is denied the use of Afghan territory to conduct terrorist
attacks against Pakistan.
The resolution further reiterated the House’s commitment to
constructively engage with the US on the full spectrum of bilateral
relations based upon the principle of reciprocity and mutual
This House also reiterated Pakistan’s desire for lasting peace
and stability in Afghanistan and urges the government to continue
its efforts to strengthen it relations with Afghanistan and support
international efforts for peace and reconciliation.
Earlier, speaking in the House, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif
said after 9/11, General Musharraf brought Afghan war into
Pakistan to prolong and protect his illegitimate rule.
Musharraf provided ground and air facilities to the US, breaching
soverenigty and integrity of the country. “Today, the whole nation
is bearing brunt of the wrong policy adopted by Musharraf,
inflicting negative impact on Pakistan,” he said.
He said Pakistan’s Armed Forces launched military operations
Zarb-e-Azb, Raddul Fasad and Khyber-4 to restore peace in border
areas and flushing out terrorists.
“A super power blames us for his failure of his policies in
Afghanistan, which has been rejected by the whole nation by taking
a unified stance. The whole nation is on the same page in this
regard,” he remarked.