ISLAMABAD, Aug 28 (APP): The National Assembly Speaker has forwarded more names of parliamentarians from all parties to be included in the envoys’ list nominated for highlighting the atrocities of Indian

occupation forces against the people of Kashmir in key countries.

A spokesperson of the PM Office on Sunday said the office of
Speaker National Assembly was requested to nominate prominent members  for highlighting the Kashmir cause world wide.

The spokesperson said the list issued to media was not exhaustive and the Speaker’s Office was supposed to be sending more names of the parliamentarians who would be subsequently added to the list.

He said since the right of self-determination for the people of
Indian Occupied Kashmir was a national cause, therefore, full
representation from all parties in the envoys list was extremely  essential.

He said names of Senators were also awaited and were expected to be recieved in a couple of days.

Once the nominations from both the Houses  of the Parliament completed, the designated envoys would be given a  detailed briefing at the Foreign Office so that they may adovacate the Kashmir cause in a better way, he added.