Over 40 modern hospitals to be constructed in country’s deprived areas

ISLAMABAD, Sept 5 (APP): The National Assembly on Monday passed the National Command Authority (Amendment) Bill-2016 as approved by the Standing committee.

Minister for Defense Khawaja Muhammad Asif moved the bill further to amend the National Command Authority Act-2010 [The National Command Authority (Amendment) Bill-2016 in the House.

Statement of Objects and Reasons of the bill says, “It is necessary and expedient to amend the National Command Authority Act-2010 to provide more clearly that the Federal Government shall ensure provision of funds and to further reiterate the original intent of the NCA Ordinance 2007 and NCA Act-2010 that the employees in service of the Authority are not civil servants and that legal relationship of the Authority with its employees is governed under the doctrine of master and servant.”